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BARK is a grass roots animal rescue group located in Darke County, Ohio. We are dedicated to finding the neediest of the needy, pulling them from difficult, painful, neglectful, abusive and hopeless situations and transitioning them to the loving companions they were intended to be.

Born out of the friendship of a couple people who had met on the same terms-Animals. Carla and her hubby are now the Directors and head of BARKAnimalRescue,Inc. Both of these guys have a background for animals and much expereince

Carla is retired Navy with 24 years and now turns her attention to the animals. She rescued and fostered for approx. 10 plus years in California. She came back home to her hometown to start something for the animals. She also is a kennel worker at the County Shelter where she has pulled many animals both cat and dogs.Carla also is a college graduate with a degree in vet technology. She doesnt work in a pratice but uses the knowledge daily in her animal adventures. Randy is right behind her and is her support system for all the problems and animals that need helped. The two of them together get the job done. Both are prior Humane Agents for the Darke County Humane Society and have a wealth of knowledge in this field as well.

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