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Adoption Fee $200.00

BARK reserves the right to require a fenced yard for certain dogs


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 Does your landlord allow pets? 

Are there any restrictions from your landlord or subdivision, such as:

Number of pets Size or weight restrictions Breed restrictions 

Do you have a fully fenced yard?  

 Height and type of fence 

 Do you have any of the following? Underground fence Kennl  Pet Run

How many adults are in your household?  

How many children are in your household? 

If children, what are their ages? 

Have your children been around animals before? 

Does anyone in your home have allergies to pets or have asthma? 

List any pets you own or have owned in the past five years, and their ages

How many of these pets are spayed/neutered?

Where are these animals now?

Have you adopted from an animal welfare group before?

If yes, what group?  

Have you ever given up a pet? 

If yes, what were the circumstances? 


Please provide the name and phone number of your current and/or previous veterinarian or clinic: 

What type of personality do you want your pet to have? (i.e. calm, energetic, protective, couch-potato) 

Are you aware of crate training? 

Have you ever house-broken a pet or puppy before? 

If the pet has an "accident" in your home, what type of correction do you plan to use? 

How many hours each day will your new pet be home alone? 

Where will your new pet sleep at night? 

How will you supervise the pet's outdoor activity? 

Where will your new pet stay when nobody is home?

What length of time will you allow your new pet to adjust to his new home? 

Are you willing to work through your new pet's issues, if any?

Are you aware that a new environment is stressful for your pet, and they may exhibit uncharacteristic behavior?

Do you understand that a pet can be a 15 year commitment? 

Are you aware that a large breed pet takes about two years to mature? Is this something you're prepared for? 

What circumstances would lead you to give up your new pet? 

If you had to give up your pet, what would you do with him/her? 

How did you find out our organization? 

By signing below, if you would decide your pet is not working out, you agree to return it to BARK. BARK wants pets returned to them in these situations, so no judgments will be made and no questions asked.